The Knight in Shining Skull T-shirt (gillan) wrote in phil240,
The Knight in Shining Skull T-shirt

What is God?

Can the concept exist in both a religious and a scientific context?

Some would argue no. However, I think it largely has to do with one's idea of God. In the Judeo-Christian sense, I myself find it hard to rationalize male God that contradicts himself, hates homosexuals, and makes up rules that seem to have no basis in true moral reasoning.

However, in my own practice the idea of God has helped me to grow closer to life and to other human beings. However, my idea of God is tied closely to Buddhist philosophies and, as such, would probably insult Christians and Buddhists alike.

Christianity holds that God is all-powerful. In order for God to be all-powerful, that means that God must be made up of all the energy and matter in the universe. Maybe more, but at least all the energy and matter in the universe. Otherwise, God is not all-powerful.

So when taking this view on God, how can God be capable of anger? How can God be capable of love? The Bible gives God human traits. She loves, hates, forgives, sets down rules, but truly God is supposed to be limitless. By giving Her human traits, we limit the limitless.

How can one be limitless when one is loving? Mustn't one be both loving and hating? Good and evil? Homosexual and heterosexual?

God cannot have thoughts and ideas, because God is all the ideas and thoughts in the universe.

God is you. God is me. God is a rock. God is a candy bar wrapper. God is a dog turd. God is a seagull. God is a building. God is everything.

God is you. God is me. We are both God, and because of this, we are all connected.

I believe this was an idea from Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlein, so I probably stole it, but an excellent line from that is "Thou art God."

When you remember this, that everything is God and God is everything, you realize that everything has divinity. That when you love God, you must love everything you see, meet, and do.

And I think that's how you do God's work. That's how you lead a good life. By loving God.

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