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science vs religion

This community holds a profound interest to me because I have always stuggled with how to get in touch with my spiritual being..yet my scientific brain wouldn't shut up long enough for me to get anywhere. I actually verged on Atheism for a while, but I just couldn't stop fully believing God exists. There were to many patterns I saw..too many things that had to have some devine presence involved.

It didn't help that I live directly in the Bible belt and the very mention of Darwin sends everyone running away screaming in terror. Yet I could see evolution and understand it.
It wasn't until I had a grand revolation one day and realized not everything about God will be found in the Bible..and evolution is a tool God uses. After all, my spiritual self has evolved over time into what it is now...why not my body. I desire so much to put one of those Darwin fish stickers on my car because to isn't an insult to is praise for his works. Okay, maybe only I can see that..and that is precisely why I haven't done it..that and my husbands threats...

Anyway, enough of my ramblings.. I guess I just wanted to say hello. And I don't think the masses will ever be able to intergrate science and religion...but I plan to teach both to my child.
Both should be the person can decide for themselves and not end up listening to paranoid conclusions or false ideas of someone else's viewpoints. They can 'get it' for themselves....

This is just my thoughts I guess.
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